Working VISA support

Foreign nationals who would like to stay, live and start their career in Japan, must get a visa that is most appropriate for their intended activities in Japan. There are 27 types of visa and each one depends on the requirements of the activities. Work visas are issued for specific fields that is why visa type has to be changed from「Student visa」to「Engineer」「Specialist in Humanities / International Services」or any other status of residence that is eligible to work.

As a general rule, when applying for change of status of visa, the applicant is required to visit Regional Immigration Bureau or its branch office for application procedure by himself / herself.

Our company will help you to apply for a visa with required documents and able to give appropriate advice of avoiding immigration risks, introduce administrative scrivener to provide the whole process. If you have any difficulties, please feel free to contact us.

Career Bank System

"Career Bank System" has great benefits for foreign dispatched staff. "Career adviser" always thinks about the standpoints of dispatched staff in order to provide for good coaching and training. Foreign national staff who grew up in a different culture from Japan, now can easily discuss real intention, building relationship. While listening to the hope and vision of the staff, Fellowship would like to arrange OFJT training and qualification acquisition by solving problems and troubles, efforts to keep working in Japan, gap and etc.

Living Support

How to adjust to a new company, job and life? The new home is one of the most important keys in our social life.

Nowadays Share-house is getting popular as a new living style among foreign nationals.

Share – house is not only the way to communicate with your roommates but also it lets you enjoy the community and open spaces. Comparing with apartments’ rent, deposit and key money are getting more reasonable and attractive.

Public spaces include not only powder rooms / bathrooms / kitchens but also such facilities what are not usually common: cinemas, fitness rooms, sound proof, yoga and dancing studios!

The variation of the share house varies according to the size of the area and equipment.

Also we support and provide information to those who would like to change job activity, nursery facilities, sports facilities, barbecue / gardening facilities, or people who are looking for the same interest.