Carrer Bank System

"Career Bank System" has great benefits for foreign dispatched staff.

"Career adviser" always thinks about the standpoints of dispatched staff in order to provide for good coaching and training. Foreign national staff who grew up in a different culture from Japan, now can easily discuss real intention, building relationship. While listening to the hope and vision of the staff, Fellowship would like to arrange OFJT training and qualification acquisition by solving problems and troubles, efforts to keep working in Japan, gap and etc.

Coaching training based on "career"

Drawing your own career road map may be surprisingly difficult. That is why career advisers at Fellowship support you to create your CV carefully in order to help you understand and find out your career goals. You can be trained not only before employment but also during work, we will check and fix the assignment.

Combine "Learning", "Working" and "Acquisition of Qualification" well, and also appropriately control motivation and time management. Foreign dispatched staff can consult and advice with our multilingual career advisers.

OFF the job training programs

Ability how to enjoy work
Recommendations of subjective work
Interpersonal skills Basics of telephone manners
Basics of business communication
Business skills Logical problem solving methods
Business e-mail manners
PC skills Business Excel course
Business PowerPoint course
Design skills HTML + CSS course
Illustrator / Photoshop course
UI / UX design of smartphones
Web development Java course
Business skills Video marketing course
Bookkeeping (3 level) courses
Language skills English E-mail Course
Business Japanese Course