Working VISA support

Foreign nationals who would like to stay, live and start their career in Japan, must get a visa that is most appropriate for their intended activities in Japan. There are 27 types of visa and each one depends on the requirements of the activities. Work visas are issued for specific fields that is why visa type has to be changed from「Student visa」to「Engineer」「Specialist in Humanities / International Services」or any other status of residence that is eligible to work.

As a general rule, when applying for change of status of visa, the applicant is required to visit Regional Immigration Bureau or its branch office for application procedure by himself / herself.

Our company will help you to apply for a visa with required documents and able to give appropriate advice of avoiding immigration risks, introduce administrative scrivener to provide the whole process. If you have any difficulties, please feel free to contact us.

Required documents

  • Original passport and residence card (Presented at the time of application)
  • Application for Change of Status of Residence
  • Application form
  • Copy of legal records such as withholding slip of employment income
  • Description of the company's activities (brochure, catalogues, printed web pages...)
  • The Company's most recent financial statements (Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss statement)
  • Contract with your employer, letter of appointment, invitation letter, or any other documents to prove your activities, position, salary, period of time you will need to stay in Japan, etc. Registry Certificate (TokiboTohon) of the company who employs you in Japan
  • Taxation of foreign workers · Tax exemption certificate, tax payment certificate
  • Certificates of degree, certified transcripts, certificates of diploma, training, awards or qualifications

※ According to the company size, business details, purpose of stay, prepared business papers, the contents of the submitted documents may differ, and you may be required to submit additional documents from Immigration Bureau.

For multilingual speakers

There are experienced foreign bilingual staff in work, life style and culture in Japan at Fellowship. You can ask for any advice or consultation from our multilingual foreign staff who got used to work and live in Japan for a long time, and understand such not easy things as rules of Japan, manners, culture, business customs etc.

Foreign staff at Fellowship understands the feelings who live in Japan and who would like to stay for work in Japan. It is because all of us are interested in Japan just like you guys and have much experience. We think that the experience of working in a foreign country (for example, Japan) will definitely become a turning point for life. As foreign nationals live and work in Japan, you can get any advice of what you need to know and to learn! This is a big strength of our foreign national staff who belong to our company.