**SE/Japanese is not required

おすすめPOINT This position is one of the best potion to deal with Japanese social problem.This company is selected to Next Unicorn by Nikkei.Next Unicorn is the one of the best starting up company and there is high possibilities to get high growth in few years.
仕事内容 This company offers on line medical check system to hospitals or social facilities in Japan.

【Job description】
・Developing IT system to solve medical problem in Japan,
The IT system is an online system to connect doctor and patients,
So that the patients do not have to go to hospital because they just put their health condition to i phone, i pad or some application and doctor can see their symptom through the system.
・Developing the medial cloud system, developing application for doctor and patients, constructing the infra environment and bug management
勤務地 東京都23区 中央区
勤務時間 9:00~18:00
給与(時給・年収) 年収 450万円以上/800万円以下
活かせるスキル・経験 Working experience using C/C++, Java, JavaScript, Ruby, Python ect
応募資格 【MUST】
Working experience using C/C++, Java, JavaScript, Ruby, Python ect

Some of the following experiences of
-Knowledge of Web application development
-Developing experience of Amazon Web Services、Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform
-Developing experience of Software, mobile application, something related with ITO


業界 IT・通信
企業概要 「健康先進国・日本の新しい医療システムの創造」をビジョンに医師と患者を繋ぎ、ともに治療に向き合うためのオンライン診療システムの企画・デザイン・開発・サービス提供を行っています。